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Let's bring back

local manufacturing & Services

In order for us to rebuild South Africa, we need to bring back local manufacturing & services. This will not be done in black or white, but in colour while the hearts of the people need to change. It’s not a matter of who’s fault it is or how we got here, but how will we be able to solve the problem that we all are facing. That is why we at RebuildSA Group have made it our responsibility to bring back local manufacturing and so should you.

Disclaimer: no politics allowed

All politicians and any other individual or orginisation with politics or political intent will be prosecuted. Any individual or orginisation that shows division towards local manufacturing will be prosecuted. Please refer to the terms & condition section on our politics policy.

Ano Post

Post anonymous to our Facebook page and let the community answer the question, statement or view and let your voice be heard. Ask questions regarding the problems in South Africa, give our solution and here what the community has to say about it.

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